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PJ Advertising

Your Personal billboard company

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We are an outdoor advertising Agency.

We've been in the billboard business since 1991.

We're in the business of managing billboard campaigns,

of any size, across all companies, seamlessly.


What is it we do?

For starters we care. Secondly, we know our business and we know how to be effective on billboard. We go to great lengths to help you see whether a layout works or not. Finally, we know every structure in our market, who owns it, and what rate is reasonable for that location. We know what the strengths and weaknesses of every company is, fixing what we can and making you aware of every issue. We give you the best location for the best rate possible. We manage every detail of the process, eliminating common mistakes.

   Poorly designed billboard layouts are one of the most expensive marketing mistakes being made by small businesses, which is why we work with you closely to develop artwork that is attractive and functional. We give you the tools that help you see what works and what doesn't. We make sure that you have all the necessary information before we allow anything permanent to go up. We help you achieve great layouts that get the results you want.

We save you time.

We save you money.

We prevent costly mistakes.

We eliminate headaches and worry.

We give you confidence to move foreward.

We create artwork that "delivers" your message.

We produce results that you will notice!


PJ Advertising  618-615-1367

Let us help you create the leverage that only billboard delivers.